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Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle for the Whole Family

While you may understand the importance of eating clean, healthy and well-balanced meals, your children, spouse and friends may not realize the same https://www.newsfor.id/ value. So how do you get your family to see the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle? Let’s start with the benefits that you need to be aware of, especially if your family needs some extra convincing!

Want a healthy, happy family? Here are the top 4 benefits of living a healthy lifestyle:

1. Getting & Staying Physically Active as a Family

Did your child have a rough day at school? Are they going through the inevitable high school drama? Taking a walk or hitting the gym is a great way to alleviate stress and better manage the events that are out of your child’s control. High school is also a time where self-confidence can be critical, especially in today’s media-focused environment. If your teenager is struggling with their self-esteem, invite them on a bike ride or on your next afternoon jog – regardless of weight or age, physical fitness can help both you and your family feel more confident and at ease.

2. Improved Letter Grades

Regular exercise and physical activity not only improves our fitness levels but is also proven to improve overall brain performance and boost memory – which, of course, leads to improved performance in the classroom.

According to researchers,”Studies show that teens who do aerobic exercise, like walking and swimming, have bigger brains. In particular, exercise enlarges your brain’s basal ganglia (the part that helps you pay attention), even through another ho-hum chemistry class. One school has shown that 30 minutes of walking on a treadmill improved students’ problem-solving skills by 10%. That could bump you up a letter grade!”

For that next study session, make sure you either provide or encourage your teen to put healthy snacks at the center of table so they can stayed full and fueled for the entire session.

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3. You Are What You Eat

You may be familiar with the phrase, “you are what you eat” and the truth is, it couldn’t ring more true. You’ll notice that when you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet you will feel more energetic – especially when you compare it to pizza night. The more your family welcomes healthy food and regular activity into their everyday lives, the better they will feel inside and out (think improved skin, hair and more.) Below are 5 skin-boosting favorites you can incorporate into your next meal or snack

  • Beetroot – helps eliminate toxins & acne breakouts
  • Kale – packed with potent levels of nutrients that help keep skin clear and smooth
  • Avocado – filled with Vitamin C – which can be reduce inflammation, especially under the eyes
  • Walnuts – loaded with omega-3’s which help to smooth and soften skin
  • Dark chocolate – a treat and beauty benefit? Chocolate can help hydrate and firm skin

4. Energy!

Between extracurriculars, studying, the commute to and from school, and preparing for college, anyone is bound to feel the effects of a hectic schedule. Regular physical activity and eating healthy will help prevent illness and keep energy-levels up. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced an energy drop from over-indulging or just being plain lazy – switching things up with a healthy lifestyle will give you and your family natural fuel all day long.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to get started? Start by being honest with yourself and analyzing your daily habits. Once you have your own habits down, your family will be more in-tune to the ease of healthy alternatives. Begin by incorporating nourishing, healthy options in the kitchen. Children especially tend to be phobic of new meals by nature, so introduce foods slowly and make each meal a fun experience. For example, invite your child or teenager to cook with you. Or if your family is on the go consistently throughout the day, pack almonds, carrots, ants on a log, etc. in colorful packaging or tupperware. Small tweaks such as these will help your family feel more open to the foods you’re introducing to them.

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